About the Blog

This blog is the voice of the Mount Hood National Park Campaign, a private, grassroots effort to bring Mount Hood the recognition it deserves as a national treasure of natural and cultural significance (read “About the Campaign”). I started the blog in 2008 to provide more timely articles than the main Mount Hood National Park Campaign web format allows.

The model for the WyEast Blog is decidedly old-school: magazine-style, with more depth, photos and maps than you’ll find on a typical blog. What you won’t find are posts on what I had for lunch, the weather outside or anything resembling a stream-of-consciousness tweets. Plenty of that on the web, already! Instead, I publish 2-3 articles per month in an ad-free environment that are, hopefully, as informative for you as they are for me to research and write in my lifelong quest to explore all things Mount Hood.

A couple of important caveats: all photos on this site are taken and copyrighted by me (read “About the Photos”), or public domain with photo credit provided. I’m also my own editor, so please be patient with the occasional ramble, bad grammar or just poor spelling.

Thanks for stopping by, and please consider posting a link in other forums!

A rather chilly mid-week hike to Angels Rest last January… had the place to myself!

Tom Kloster | Mount Hood National Park Campaign

3 Comments on “About the Blog”

  1. Jinyan Guo Says:

    Dear Mr. Tom Kloster,

    I am a Ph.D candidate at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. I study irises for my doctoral research and I have recently defended my dissertation. My sample of Iris tenuis was provided by a friend located at Portland for my study of their flowers, but she doesn’t have a photo of it. I am wondering if I can get your permission to use your photo of “Clackamas iris” in your blog article “Clackamas River Trail”. I need a close up of Iris tenuis flower to include in one of the figures in my dissertation, which is due quite soon.

    Sorry I have to write this letter here because I do not have your email address. Please feel free to contact me at jinyan.guo@cgu.edu

    Thank you very much!


  2. Jinyan Guo Says:

    Dear Mr. Kloster,

    Sorry, the email I replied to your address couldn’t get through. So, I have to reply you here.

    Thank you very much for letting me use your photos of Iris tenuis. I will really appreciate it if I can get a higher resolution of the close up of the flower (as I study these flowers). The second iris picture in your blog would be perfect. I may need this high resolution photo when I publish in peer reviewed journals. I will acknowledge your name in both my dissertation and the coming papers.

    Thank you very much!




  3. Pamela Says:

    Dear Mt. Kloster.. I would like to email you about a project I am working on and use of some of your content. Please email me at lostlakeresortpamela@gmail.com… thank you and I LOVE your blog! :) pamela


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